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PRM-台湾ニュースレター issue 118 -
PRM-台湾ニュースレター issue 118
“InterPlas Thailand” is only one event that can provide the plastics and petrochemical manufacturing industry with the latest machinery and technologies, new knowledge, and global networks that the industrialists need to speed up manufacturing processes with cutting-edge functions. From efficient injection moulding, blowing, extrusion to recycling for various applications from automotive, electronics, packaging to medical devices, 17,000+ quality buyers from more industry sectors across ASEAN who will discover the new level of productivity from over 350 brands from 20 countries.
テレビとDVD PRM活動展がオンサイトで問題を強制、プラスチック·ゴム機械展示会の年間6-8のゲームを特色にし、あなたも、各番組のオンライン出版を通して読むことができ、我々はあなたの参照のための最も代表的なモデルと台湾を提供しています。