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Path to a Greener Tomorrow── Chyi Yang's CFV Solutions of Precision and Sustainability
Global environmental awareness has prompted the manufacturing industry to transition towards green production. The need for "carbon reduction" in the CFV stages has led the global blown film manufacturing industry to pursue sustainable development solutions. Chyi Yang's 5-layer / 7-layer co-extrusion blown film machines have become a key player in today's green supply chain due to their three key advantages: "Big Data Analysis," "Precision Formulation and Calculation Functions," and "Recycled Waste Technology Innovations" in their multi-layer blown film machines. The international blown film manufacturing market also recognizes the indispensability of Chyi Yang in the trend of carbon reduction.


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The extruder is the type of plastic and rubber machinery that values customization the most. It's not just about catering to customer needs through changes, but also proactively seeking innovations in line with changing times. This allows the machinery to perform at its highest efficiency, helping customers achieve optimized production while striving to reduce costs for maximum profitability.
(Heidelberg/Addis Ababa) Following the remarkable success of the 5th edition ofagrofood & plastprintpack Ethiopia of June 2023, the organisers are committed to raising the standards even further. Their relentless efforts are focused on enhancing every facet of the upcoming 6th edition.