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Motor with Gear Box

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AC Small Motor with Gear Box -K Series】
This is a AC small motor combined with a gearbox. The motor is from 6W to 150W, and is used with the gearbox. The standard ratio of gearbox is from 1...Details

LH Horizontal Gear Motor

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LH18 / LH22 / LH28 / LH32 / LH40 / LH50 【L Series】
LH horizontal gear motor is a parallel shaft gearmotor, which uses a multi-stage gear design, and can perform high torque and low output ...Details

Induction Motor

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2IK / 3IK / 4IK / 5IK 【IK Type-K Series】

AC induction motor is the suitable model for operating continuously in one direction. AC induction motors come in 6W up to 150W and can cho...Details

Small Electric Motor Continuous Operation Type - IK Motor

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A small induction motor is an ac electric motor, which performs for directional and continuous operation by connecting single phease AC power or three phase AC power. Small Induction motors can sup...Details